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About OzWineTours

The aim of this site is to: 

=> provide information about every Australian Winery 
=> place each winery in a sub-region with its own unique #‘terroir’ 
=> provide a tour map showing the location of each winery in its sub-region 
=> summarize the soils, landscape, climate, seasonal weather patterns and history of each sub-region 
=> develop search engines so that users can quickly find the winery by name, label, and nearby town. 
=> promote the unique attributes of Australia’s wine regions and sub-regions. 

# Terroir is the french word for "soil," but when applied to wine it has a broader definition referring to the broad range of 
conditions that apply to the growth and ripening of grapes in a specific region. This includes soils, elevation, slope, 
aspect, climate and seasonal weather patterns. Grapes produced in each region will contain quintessence of the 
region, the minerals and extracts from its soil, landscape and climate and other virtues, which will characterise 
the wine produced and impart the unique virtues of the sub-region to each of the wine varieties grown there. 

Have you found an Australian wine you like, and want to know more about it? 

Then this site will help you find the winery by its name or label on the bottle using 'Find a Winery' or 'Find a Label' 
to display the local Winery Tour Map, with the winery highlighted. There is a summary of contact details for the winery, 
lists of labels and varieties produced. There is also a summary of the ‘terroir’ for the sub-region and local history, the 
history of winery development in the area. 

Do you want to find out which wineries produce you favorite variety? 

Then use 'Find a Variety' to display the wineries that produce each variety. 
You can select the winery and we'll take you there showing its location and all the contact details. 

Going on a trip or holiday to a regional areas and wanting to visit the local wineries? 

Then use 'Find a Town' to display the local winery tour map for that town or nearby. 
You can print the map and plan your tour using the summary information about each winery. 

Do you want to learn about Australia’ wine regions and wineries? 
Then this site provides maps and lists of wine regions and districts for each State. 
You can browse through the information and display tour maps for your selected winery or region. 

Are you interested in ‘terroir’ and knowing more about the unique features of each sub-region and district? 
Then this site describes the local terroir that provide the quintessence ingredients that are the wine’s heart and soul 
including - soils, landscape, climate (seasonal temperature, rainfall and sunshine) and local history for each subregion. 

Do you know of wineries not included on this site, errors omissions or do you want to suggest improvements? 
Then let us know -->